Jumaat, 8 Julai 2011

ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship 2011, Zadar Crotia

Light breeze, does not affect performance for the tournament ISAF Youths organized in Zadar,Croatia.

Participants to the category of 420 boy and girl of 33 pairs of 31 pairs enough to enliven the tournament to encourage young participants in preparing to participate in Olympic events.

Malaysia took part in 420 men, 420 women, men Laser Radial, Laser Radial women,and women's RSX is all under the age of 18 years.

To schedule today, participants are scheduled to do the right Practice Race at 1230hours for the event International 420 International 420 men and women will begin in 1530caused the system this time using only one boat, and while for the other events they will start exactly at 13.30 .

The opening ceremony will be purchased tomorrow at 1900 hours and all browsers will be start the race a real person right at 1200. Hopefully we pray for the best athletes performance tomorrow.

Thank you.

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